Supplies engineered solutions for PCB depaneling, robotic soldering, hot bar soldering of flex circuits, pneumatic and servo assembly  presses, robotic screw fastening and racks for PCB

Manufacturer of flux removers, canned air, solder mask, conformal coating, stencil wipes, solder braid, and many other fine products
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Offers a variety of stereo zoom, binocular microscopes, stereo zoom, triocular microscopes and micro/macro zoom video inspection systems along with a full line of accessories to configure your systems
Manufacturer of soldering, desoldering and rework systems, advance package rework, bench top fume extraction and fluid dispensing systems
Alpha solder paste, wire and bar solder, flux and cleaning chemistries, solder pre-forms and SMD adhesives
World leader in pneumatic and hydraulic hand tools for the electronic, industrial, plastic and medical markets
Offers a wide range of critically important ionization, grounding and specialty ESD
Global manufacturer and custom formulator of epoxy adhesives EPO-TEK offers a complete line of electrically conductive, thermally conductive,  optically clear and photo-curable (UV) materials
Specializing in producing ultra low humidity dry cabinet, digital dry box, auto dry box, file management, digital dry cabinet and baking dry cabinet with durable quality and competitive pricing
Manufacturer of ergonomic chairs for office, production and cleanroom environments
Selective soldering, reflow ovens, screen printers and wave soldering
Manufacturers of electronic pick and place machinery and
high-precision processing machinery
Offers customers a complete line of torque control products and other ergonomic assembly tools, while providing world-class service and support
Provides ESD safe automatic high throughput handling modules for PCB and PC production with a full range of handling and routing alternatives. Also provides laser marking systems (laser cell). Marks on all types of surfaces including plastics, ceramics and metals
updated 10/18
A complete source for heat shrink tubing products and heat shrinkable related technology
Cost effective, quality, reliable nitrogen generation systems engineered to meet customer's specific applications
PCB assembly, inspection and testing needs including box-building and assembly fixtures. Also offers related products such as wash baskets, fingers and nozzles
High precision tweezers, cutters and pliers for electronic, medical device and industrial manufacturing
Offers a wide range of workbenches and workstations for medical device, electronic assembly, industrial, and technical work areas including height adjustable adaptable modular systems, moveable workstations, stand-alone benches, biological safety cabinets, and epoxy resin work surfaces and sinks
Kris Meacham
A precision tooling company specializing in close tolerance tools used primarily by industrial and aerospace markets. and a leading provider of injection molds (plastic, silicone, and ceramic), as well as wire and cable processing equipment
develops and provides Inline Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems for printed circuit board production line producing mother modules for various electrical devices today
X-Ray Inspection

X-ray systems that feature high power micro-focus x-ray sources up to 130kV, high resolution digital detectors, large inspection stages with 350° degrees rotation, oblique angle inspection, and all of the manual and automated s/w tools you expect in an advanced system are included. Offers a variety of stereo zoom, binocular microscopes, tri-nocular microscopes and micro/macro zoom video inspection systems along with a full line of accessories to configure your system

​​​​​​​Fancort Getech Laser Marking:
Direct surface marking including 1D barcodes, 2D matrix, QR codes and human readable characters with accuracy of +/- .01mm

Fancort Solder Meister:  UNIX DF Series desktop soldering robot ​available in 3 types according to PCB size

Fancort SuperSWASH:  Fully automatic high performance zero drain system for cleaning middle to high volume of electronic assemblies. 
Omron offers high quality inspection systems for each stage of the manufacturing process. 3D solder paste inspection, pre and post reflow automated optical inspection systems including full 3D component and solder joint inspection, post reflow automated x-ray inspection with true 3D CT technology. Process monitoring and improvement are provided with Omron Q-up Navi software.